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About sabot street soap

a cat's tale

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Sabot Street Soap was built on 5 core values: UNITY, COMPASSION, MINDFULNESS  TRANQUILITY, and CLEANLINESS. The idea that one cannot truly do right by oneself without treating others and our home here on Earth with the upmost respect permeates every aspect of Sabot Street Soap. From our use of all-natural/sustainable/plant based ingredients, to the use of recycled materials in packaging and shipping, to taking care of our customers with our ‘Cat-isfaction’ Guarantee, we do EVERYTHING we can with the outside world in mind.

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own tranquility. With a little bit of mindfulness you can take yourself to an even higher level of happiness and comfort than you could without. So we set out to make things easy for our customers by providing a WORRY-FREE buying experience that they could be proud of and at the same time treat themselves to high quality products that would make them feel COMFORTABLE, CLEAN, and HEALTHY.

Sabot Street Soap is located in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho just off the banks of the Snake River. Nature is in our very essence. All of our skincare products are manufactured on site from base ingredients in small batches. This gives them artisan qualities and an embodiment of the spirit of this area.

White Noise on Black Background
White Noise on Black Background

All owners in Sabot Street Soap Co are committed philanthropists and participate in activities ranging from providing supplies and food to the impoverished, to community clean-up, to volunteering at animal shelters and sanctuaries. We take pride in continuing this tradition within Sabot Street Soap Co by donating a portion of all sales to help support rescue animals.

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