Pet Combo Pack

Pet Combo Pack


Spa day for your pets! This pet pack that includes a Pet Shampoo Bar and a container of Nose & Paw Balm and is guaranteed to give your pets the pampering that they deserve!


Pet Shampoo Bar

Tired of spraying down your pup and squeezing out some liquid dog detergent just to have it slip right off your hand and straight down the drain? Not only is our pet formulated bar all-natural and free from harmful chemicals and detergents, but it’s much easier to use. Just wet your pet, lather the soap in your hand or straight onto your pets hair, and rinse thoroughly. The neem oil, citronella and the tea tree oil will help to repel insects and provide anti-bacterial/anti-fungal qualities while the handmade organic oat milk will help sooth the skin. Neem oil is also known to promote a healthy shiny coat.

We take pride in providing a healthy alternative to the store bought pet shampoos (often detergents) and think you and your pet will love the difference it makes. These bars can be used for dogs, horses, pigs, etc.



Pet Nose & Paw Balm

We take pride in providing this balm that will help soothe and comfort your most trusted companions. Our little furry friends often experience chapped, dry, cracked paws and noses and our paw & nose balm is here to relieve the pain and irritaion while healing and nourishing. All ingredients have been selected for their safe and non toxic use with pets and optimal moisturizing and heling properties. Clean areas before application and apply 2-3 times/day or as needed. Rub in well to ensure absorbtion and watch how quickly this formula will return your pets to their happy, healthy, and comfortable selves.

Handcrafted in small batches from quality ingredients

Cruelty Free and Vegan

All Natural

Zero Waste

NO SLS or other cancer related sulfates and detergents

NO Palm Oil

NO Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes

NO Parabens

NO Melt and Poor Bases

NO Chemical Preservatives

AND a portion of sales goes to help support rescue animals!!!