Soap Saver

Soap Saver


Give your soap a boost! The Sabot Soap Saver will keep your soap’s spirit HIGH and DRY. Designed to let water drain down and away from your soap the Sabot Soap Savers will extend the life of your soap and keep scum from building in your shower. Made of sustainable plant-based bioplastic this product is designed to last you years of use, be biodegradable in nature, offer a lower carbon footprint and are non-toxic. Gently rinse soap saver under warm water as needed to cleanse.

Handcrafted in small batches from quality ingredients

Cruelty Free and Vegan

All Natural

Zero Waste

NO SLS or other cancer related sulfates and detergents

NO Palm Oil

NO Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes

NO Parabens

NO Melt and Poor Bases

NO Chemical Preservatives

AND a portion of sales goes to help support rescue animals!!!